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A cake we can all agree on

Treat A Loved One


Buttercream Beauty


Me3 Bakery is proud to share its delicious cakes and perfected buttercreams with Upstate New York’s Hudson Valley. An extensive selection of decorating tools coupled with years of personal baking experience allows each cake from Me3 to be carefully hand-crafted and personally designed. Send a cake with a personalized message to a loved one or have us create a cake perfectly fit for your special day.

Quality Ingredients


A great cake begins with quality ingredients. Me3 only bakes fresh, made-to-order cakes, incorporating delicious local ingredients whenever we can. Our love and respect for the baking process drives us to develop rich flavors and varying textures throughout all of our cakes, the vegan and gluten-free ones too! Maybe you’re in the mood for moist and decadent red velvet or would prefer a light and airy bite of genoise. There’s a perfect cake for every occasion and we are excited to help you craft it.


Make it Custom


“It's hard to explain how beautiful the cake was, the broad strokes of icing made it look like an oil painting that you could eat, all embellished by a natural, yet elegant flower arrangement.”

— Pei Fen & Mike (Wedding, 2019)

Cake in Art


Bake with Compassion


Born and raised in the Buddhist community of Woodstock, NY, Rigdzin Drolma realized early on that her favorite place to be was in a bustling monastery kitchen. It was there that she discovered and cultivated her love for baking cakes. For over fifteen years, she has created cakes for family and friends to celebrate different milestones such as birthdays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries. “The joy I receive from being a part of these occasions through my cakes is something I hope to share with all of you through Me3 Bakery.”

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“No matter what craft you have, if you’re doing it sincerely, focusing your whole energy on it, it becomes a meditative experience.”

-Rigdzin Drolma (Woodstock Times, 2019)